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sector's total○ output remains unch●anged from a yea○r ea

rlier.Huang Wei〓, Vice

e mos○t popular produc●ts in the r○ural market. Duri●ng the first◆ 10 months, t○he pre-tax profit o■f China's co○oling appliance ●manufacturers◆ stood at 7.6 b●illion yuan, up 46 p〓ercent year on year.◆ Meanwhile,

pany is〓 shifting its s

●the sector's net ●earnings hit● 4.6 billion yuan, a〓 jump of 43● percent fr■om a year ■earlier. The g■rowth rate was○ the fastest among a●ll types of hom〓e appliances. As○ part of overall ○efforts to push up〓 domestic

nearly● 60 percent■

consumptio◆n, a scheme has been● launched 〓in several ci■ties and pr●ovinces offerin〓g subsidies to peopl○e who buy new appl●iances to repla■ce what they have.■ From now until Ma○y next year◆, they can

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versea〓s. The rate dro■p

●e include TV ○sets, refrig○erators, washing m■achines, air condi○tioners and■ computers. The ○policy guar◆antees a 10 ●percent subsidy for ●the purchase of■ new applianc●es up to the e◆nd of May next y■ear.Li Wei◆wei, Commissio〓ner of Beijng Muni■cipal Commission of○ Commerce sa●id "The first batc●h of designated comp●anies have more than■ 300 collecting cent◆ers and more th●an 15-hundred s○ales outlets〓. Consumers can re■gister in nearby ou●tlets. They can al〓so phone to○ make an appointme○nt or they can use 〓the website.On■e employee said "T■he scheme w●as launched an hour 〓ago, and ten● consumers have a〓lready registered."●Consumers who〓 buy home applian■ces with subsidies ■are als

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n■d 40 percent this y〓ear."Xu Dongshen

o protect◆ed by the ru○les and re●gulations relating t〓o quality. They ca●n change o■r return pro●ducts with qu〓ality problems. The■ scheme will in■itially be ◆carried out in nine ●cities and provinc◆es. Shoppi●ng online is not a〓 strange thing for m◆ost young people. T〓hey can purc●hase nearly all da■ily necessities ●on the Internet s〓uch as clothe■s, books, food, a〓nd cosmetics.● Recently, the sal◆es volume for online〓 home applia●nce shopping ju〓mped greatly, catch〓ing many consumers'◆ eyes.Ms Zhang imme○diately begins■ to shop onlin■e after le○arning that her 〓parents would li◆ke a new TV〓.Ms Zhang sa■id, "Actually, m■y first idea was 〓to search for pric●es on the Int〓ernet, and● then negotia●te the price with ●the store. But the■n I realized t●hat the price I fou○nd online is ●cheaper than○ the store■s. So I deci●ded to buy it from ●the I

ntern■et."Mr. Chen said,○ "I checke〓d the website◆ carefully after l◆ooking at so〓me news stor◆ies, forums, and m●edia reports. My wif◆e even went to ◆the company○ to double chec■k. Actually, my par〓ents didn'〓t support us buyin●g electric applian●ces through the Inte〓rnet. But t●hey were s◆atisfied in the e〓nd."A lot of websit●es focusing on ho○me appliance sale●s are emerging on t●he Internet○. Some industry gi■ants like Suni●ng and Gome ●jumped on ●the trend an●d developed ■their own webshop◆s. The sales perfo●rmances for so◆me of the biggest ●websites are v

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